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In 2005, there was a rounded, very feminine bag that came out. Ever since, it has been considered as the ¡Ўгit bag¡ЎА which was also evident when these bags were worn by Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, Siena Miller, Katie Holmes, and Victoria Beckham. These bags are called Chloe Paddington.

he easily recognizable features of the Chloe bags are heavy padlock, square details, round handles and edges, and pebbled leather. When this line of bags became famous and well-received by the market, the designers of the company also came up with other designs which are named as Messenger Paddington and Paddington Tote. There are also other famous bags that the company offered before. These are Edith bags and Betty bags

Like all fashion houses, Chloe is facing counterfeited products and maintain a list of authorized online retailers on its website.

Chloe has boutiques in Bal Harbour, Costa Mesa, Las Vegas, New York City, Beijing , Sydney, Shanghai , Shenzen, Hong Kong , Singapore, Kaohsiung, Taipei, Bangkok, Bandung, Paris, Munich, Porto Cervo, Moscow , Marbella, Istanbul, London, Tokyo , Nagoya, Salmiya, Beirut, Doha, Seoul, Dubai and Kuwait.

Gaby Aghion was born in 1921 in Alexandria, Egypt. After moving to Paris, France in 1945, she founded Chloe in 1952 with a vision of offering luxury Ready-To-Wea, a new concept at that time. Gaby Aghion continued to run the house until 1985, when Chloe Rayyes bought-out Dunhill Holdings (now Richemont Group).

Prior to Chloe's launch, luxury fashion houses had only ever produced Haute Couture (i.e. made-to-measure) clothing. This was fine for the few who could afford it, but it left everyone else in frequently poorly made copies, supplied by the local seamstress.

Chloe's creator, Gaby Aghion, rejecting the stiff formality of 1950s fashion (and sensing a gap in the market), decided to create a line of off the rack, high quality, soft, body conscious clothes from fine fabrics, which she called 'luxury Ready-To-Wear' and thus, the Ready-To-Wear market we know today, was born.

The couturiers quickly followed suit (the first being Givenchy, with their 1956 Ready-to-Wear collection; 'Givenchy University') and today, designer ready-to-wear heavily outweighs couture.