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Fendi, symbolized by FF, is an Italian fashion business which was founded by Adele Casagrande on 1918. The whole business used to be anchored on a small leather shop business. Fendi was the family name of Adele¡¯s husband which she married in 1925. It was further made into a truly Fendi family business when the couple¡¯s five daughters took control of the business.

Currently, the company is associated with Louis Vuitton and Prada. The FF logo or Zucca was created by Karl Lagerfield, the company¡¯s fashion director. Most world famous Fendi products consist of bags, furs and shoes. The fashion company has become known as the designer and creator of bags such Fendi Spy. They are expensive which gives those who can afford the privilege to wear Fendi elegantly. It also offers Fendi Patent Baguette which is versatile for it can be used as handbag, clutch or shoulder bag

Fendi Company's main products are furs and shoes. This fashion label is also known for its sophisticated and elegant purses (especially Fendi Spy). These designer bags are very expensive and the waiting list depending on style can be two or three years. There are many celebrities wearing Fendi bags, such as Gwen Stefani, Hilary Duff, Linda Evangelista and many more. The brand is not afraid to experiment and their handbags are made in all colours of the rainbow. Literaly. Take a look at Doctor B Bag that features all shades of bright colors. Also Patent Baguette is quite remarkable and feminine bag. This handbag can be used as clutch, handbag or even a shoulder bag, as it features additional shoulder strap. Replica Fendi B bag is cheap knockoff AAA bag. Usual path is that somebody steal the designer bag's design and sells the Fendi replicas like originals, so be careful if buying a bag from unknown site.

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Divided Satchel is the new bag for the the fashion house this season. The Sfilata purse has classic lines, turnlock closure. This bag is also comfortable to use - it keeps things organised. Classic black leather and beautiful silhouette - and although there is a little resemblance with Hermes Kelly, this bag is definitely one of the "musthaves".

Also the Zucca Chef Shoppers tote brown is great addition. Or you can choose any fendi discount bag, such as the camoflauge bag. All of those purses and totes have the highest quality and some of them also affordable price. Most of the women leather handbags by this fashion house have the IT factor and low price if compared to the high-end fashion houses. Leather bags by this brand have the multifunctionality and great looks.

These purses and shoulder bags will be perfect for shopping afternoon in the city or an evening dinner with friends. Today Zucca tote still remains one of the best selling purses from this label because if its versatility and elegant looks. Also the Saddle Leather bag looks attractive in both black and light golden version. The previous hit - Fendi Peekaboo bag is featured in the collection. Wait until sale to buy these bags at lower prices.