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Over the past year, Ivanka Trump's brand has faced a public relations crisis, from shopping to retailers. Now, the Associated Press reported that the company is no longer in the China Construction Group factory to review, which is a detention by the Chinese government undercover activists review.


Brand president Abigail Klem said in an e-mail to Racked that Marc Fisher, the brand's footwear license partner, did not cooperate with the factory in about three months.
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"After discussions with our licensees, we have determined that Ivanka Trump brand products have not been manufactured at the factory since March." Our licensees have worked with many footwear manufacturing plants, and all our factories have Must comply with strict social compliance regulations. "
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Clem's statement shows that the brand is no longer because of alleged violations of labor reasons with the factory - according to AP news, activists Li Zhaohua Hai Fen Suen is dealing with the factory "low" payment, overtime and possible Abuse of student labor "Before being detained - the company did not mention imprisoned activists and would not comment further.


The announcement of the timing of the relationship with the Huajian Group factory is not arbitrary. China Labor Watch organized three imprisoned activists working for the Labor Organization for a week and wrote a four-page letter directly to Ivanka. Even if she stands out from the daily participation in January of this year (confusing her role, too), the group pleads with the senior adviser of the US president as her father, who should help ensure the release of the activist.


"Over the past 17 years, the China Labor Watch has conducted hundreds of factory surveys, but this is the first time we have been facing criminal detention," wrote Li Qiang, executive director of the China Labor Watch, in a letter to Ivanka. , The reason is related to your brand's supplier's factory. "
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China Labor Watch also hopes Ivanka will use her influence. The country has ignored Amnesty International's call for the release of the three men and refused to issue a request to the US State Department for release. According to the Washington Post, the Chinese government is saying that three men are investigating the Ito Cartel shoe factory in order to sell "trade secrets" to unnamed diplomats.) This is not China's labor observation has arrived at Ivanka: April , The team informed her that the investigators found workers working at least 12.5 hours per month and $ 363 a month.


"I hope you understand the urgency of this problem," Yao wrote on April 27, according to AP. "The Chinese Labor Watch is expected to act as a presidential assistant and a woman 's rights advocate, urging your brand supplier' s factory to improve its situation, and your words and deeds can change the lives of these workers.
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If the Ivanka Trump brand really explores its already mysterious supply chain, it may find more problems than the department store.