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Every time I find some new replica online store that has numerous high quality pictures of very beautiful fake handbags that look incredibly authentic, I ask myself "Why are replica handbags so Cheap?" If these are so gorgeous and have such an original appearance then what is the difference? What are the differences in terms of price and quality that set apart an imitation purse from the real product?

Well, the price of any product is influenced by the materials used and by the complexity of the work needed for making it. It is the same thing for a replica handbag. Its retail price is a consequence of the costs involved with manufacturing it. Below I will explain the main factors that determine the prices of fake purses, the reason why these are so cheap.

The first thing you must understand about an imitation handbag is that no matter how authentic looking it may appear to be and how beautiful it may seem, it is made from materials that are considerably inferior to the ones used on authentic bags. Most luxury designers prefer to manufacture their purses from very rare materials such as snake skin, crocodile leather or even fur and decorate them with gold, silver, gems, bamboo or other unusual materials. The more expensive and rare these fabrics are the more exclusivist and sought after the bag is. A replica handbag will never be made from such materials. Most of them are crafted from faux leather and have that cheap shine and feeling.

Another thing is that fake bags are made in sweatshops by amateurs that do not possess the necessary skills to manufacture a flawless purse. The original products are crafted by artisans that have a life time of experience in making high end bags. The majority of designers prefer their purses to be hand-made by just one craftsman. This way they are more certain about the degree of quality of that particular product.

Furthermore, even if a replica bag seems to look pretty authentic, this is just a very deceiving first impression. It may look overall ok, but if you start examining it closely you will discover many design mistakes. This is because replica manufacturers do not invest money in designs or making their own patterns for the replica bags, patterns that are as accurate as possible. They simply copy whatever they find on the market.

It is a well-known fact that you can find replica handbags for $50 in any market in China or Thailand. The replica bags websites you find online sell the same products, just that the retail price is higher. Why is that? For profit, what else? They buy the fake bag from a sweatshop and they post it on their site with a considerably higher price. The difference is in the income they make. Of course, for you this price might seem like a real bargain considering the price of the authentic purse, but in comparison with what it costs the replica merchant to get the product it is outrageous.

So there you have it, the reason why replica handbags are so cheap. It is a matter of offering something that appears to have an authentic look, but it is actually of a lower quality in terms of aesthetics and materials.

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